Wild Game


Accepted September 1 through March 30.

~Whole Carcass - $125 (prepaid)

Price includes skinning, hair removal, cutting, wrapping, grinding/poly bag stuffing and freezing.

~Caping $75

~Cleaning $1.25/lb

We prefer to skin your carcass. If you do skin your carcass, the cost of processing is not any less AND you run the risk of additional cleaning charges if you are not extremely careful with the carcass.

Special mounting requests may result in additional charges.

Specialty products can be made at an additional charge. Minimum fifteen pound game trim per product is required.

~Boneless Meat

Deposit $2 per lb

Price is based per specialty product ordered. Minimum 15 pound game trim per product. Dirty/hairy meat will result in additional cleaning charges.

Grind & Stuff Boneless Meat - $1.79/lb

We fully admit it is costly to have just your burger processed by us . . . ask for an estimate!  Cost includes grinding, poly bag stuffing and freezing. Dirty/hairy meat will result in additional cleaning charges. 

Award-Winning Specialty Products

Wild game trim is very dry! To assure high quality products pork trim must be added. At your request, pepperjack or cheddar cheese may be added to sausage products.

Minimum 18 lbs trim per product is required.

Pork Trim - Market Price

Cheddar or Pepperjack Cheese - $6.70/lb

Smoked Snack Sticks - $4.65/lb
Fully-cooked, keep a bag in the fridge for snacking!

Smoked Salami - $3.70/lb
Fully-cooked, great snacking with cheese and crackers!

Smoked Ring Bologna - $3.70/lb
Fully-cooked, just like grandpa & grandma made on the farm!

Smoked Wieners - $3.70/lb
Fully-cooked, great on the grill!

Smoked Whole Muscle Jerky - $5.50/lb
Sliced round, seasoned & smoked until fully-cooked. Expect 50% shrink.

Fresh Bratwurst - $2.70/lb
Ground game and pork is mixed with special seasoning and stuffed into casings. Fresh brats are not cooked. Take care to cook thoroughly!

Product FAQs

Why did my game weigh less in the locker than it did at home?
If game is frozen when weighed it loses weight when defrosted due to water and blood loss.

Why do I pay for processing on more pounds of specialty product than I ordered?
Charge is based on total weight of game trim, pork trim, seasoning and water required per recipe. Example: 20 pounds of game trim made into snack sticks requires 32 pounds of processing once all ingredients of recipe are added. 

Why do I take home less pounds of specialty product than I paid processing for?
Shrinkage is a natural occurrence when smoking meat. Smaller diameter casing products (snack sticks) shrink more than larger diameter casing products (salami). 

Will I get my own meat back?
If you only want roasts, steaks, chops, burger and/or jerky you WILL GET YOUR OWN MEAT BACK! If you want specialty products, your game trim is mixed with other hunters' trim (known as comingling) to make large enough batches for our industrial-sized machinery. HOWEVER, we are probably even pickier than you are to make sure all trimmings are of the highest quality to assure the best tasting sausage! Our reputation depends on it!

Factors Affecting Yield

Fatty Carcass
Fatter game do yield heavier carcasses, however wild game fat is not edible and is trimmed away during processing. 

Number of Shots
Multiple shots equal more meat loss. Blood clots and damaged muscles resulting from each shot must be trimmed away during processing.

Location of Shots
Rump or loin shots may destroy entire muscles. Shot entrance and exit holes equal twice as much damaged meat.

Broken and Shattered Bones
All bone splinters must be trimmed away. Large amounts of meat may be lost in trimming. 

Cold vs. Warm
Warm meat weighs more than cold. As meat chills moisture loss causes weight to decrease. If you weigh your game when warm, it will decrease in weight during the cooling process.

Unclean Game
Hairy and dirty carcasses or boneless meat require cleaning and trimming. Not only will you lose meat, you will be charged for the cleaning. If you skin or debone your own game, take care to clean carcass or boneless meat well.